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Eric Fischl mentioned Joan Semmel in a Guardian article whilst talking about his painting. Never seen Semmel’s work before; gorgeous.


Cornered grab

Joan Semmel: A Lucid Eye

January 24—June 9, 2013

The Bronx Museum

Painter Joan Semmel first became best known for the body — remarkable redefined nudes seen in seemingly surreal distortion from an actually just uncommon vantage, the woman’s (this woman’s) own perspective, looking across herself; in the artist’s newest show the images are mostly of heads, and she’s looking straight at you.

A long frieze of self-portraits responds to the currency of the face in present surveillance and security culture and the personal celebrity of social media; her single subject focuses us on an individuality in this sea of self-regard and restores personality to a Warholian beauty-queen run of reproduction.

The show is specifically themed to Semmel’s dialogue with mechanical means of recording the visual, and she has always preferred to leave in and account for the distortions and uneasy kinetic transitions of photography. So even as we…

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Unlimited Dream Company (crop)

Unlimited crop1 copy

I’ve been working on a series of paintings for a JG Ballard book . The deadline is imminent. So far about seven paintings have been completed out of planned set of eleven.

Kingdom Come is next. Re-reading the books has been a joy.  Composing the imagery has been a long process but a worthwhile one.

But it’s not over yet.